PENNTEXT™  is  is a special kind of non-woven geotextile because of its special manufacture method by puncturing the rolling formed layer made of randomly oriented short staple fiber. which contain permeable membranes which allow water to pass through whilst still holding the particles in place. The fibers are needled to form a stable network that retains dimensional stability relative to each other.

Type Weight/㎡Width/rollLength/roll
PENNTEXT™ GL100100g5m/6m50m
PENNTEXT™ GL150150g5m/6m50m
PENNTEXT™ GL200200g5m/6m50m
PENNTEXT™ GL300300g5m/6m50m
PENNTEXT™ GL400400g5m/6m50m
PENNTEXT™ GL500500g5m/6m50m
PENNTEXT™ GL600600g5m/6m50m

Where to apply?

PENNTEXT™ Geo-textile is a perfect anti-slip media, it could be widely used as protection or anti-slip course in any project:


1. Water conservancy projects: seawall, river dike and lake dike reaching standard
projects; reservoir reinforcement projects; beach land and marsh land reclaiming projects; flood prevention and emergency rescue.
2. Road, railway and airport projects: soft foundation reinforcement treatment; side slope
protection; road surface reflection; crack structural layer; drainage system; greening isolation belt.
3. Power plant projects: nuclear power station foundation project; thermal power ash
dike project; hydropower project.
4. Port and waterway projects: port and dock projects; slip lock project; waterway harnessing project.

Get your own solution

Why it is so superior?

  • Perfect flexibility– Easy to install.

  • High strength– Easy to apply, supper fit for all kinds of structure.

  • Anti-aging formula– Excellent acid/alkali/corrosion resistance performance, no extra maintenance needed.

  • Good penetration, filter and isolation performance.

  • ISO&CE authorized– Reliable quality, keep your project safe and sound

How to store it?

  • Store rolls on horizontal position to prevent damage.

  • Avoid sun-baked and rain

  • Store rolls in a clean dry location.

  • Add cover as necessary to protect rolls from environmental damage, heat, cold or moisture etc.

Trading Info

  • Payment: T/T, L/C, Western Union

  • MOQ: For standard type-800 ㎡

  • Delivery time: Normally 7-14 workdays

  • Packing: Plastic bags& pallet(optional)

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