PENNPLAS™ Drainage Board is made of high molecular, produced by extrusion and adsorption.
The tri-dimensional space can drain gas and fluid. It is a multi-functional material, can form channels for water and gas easily, which is sound insulation and vibration isolation. In the field
of civil construction can be widely used in building roof system layer overhead, planted roof drainage ventilation, basement waterproofing system protection, thermal and moisture isolation of the interior surface, road and rail tunnel drainage protection. In the urban land, space, material resources are becoming scarce today, Drainage geomembrane to provide the most valuable option.

Type HeightWidth/rollLength/roll
PENNPLAS™ DB8008mm 2m20m
PENNPLAS™ DB120012mm 2m20m
PENNPLAS™ DB160016mm2m20m
PENNPLAS™ DB200020mm2m20m

Where to apply?

PENNPLAS™ Drainage Board is specially designed for  green planting roofing system. It could be applied in variety of projects:


Landscape engineering, garage top greening, roof garden, football field, golf course, beach project.
Municipal engineering, road base, subway, tunnel, landfill.
Construction engineering, upper or bottom layer of building foundation, basement wall, bedding filtration and heat insulation.
Traffic engineering, highway, railway basement, dam and slope

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Why it is so superior?

  • Weldable– Tight joint, leakage risk free.
  • High elastic– Easy to apply, supper fit for all kinds of structure.
  • Anti-aging formula– Excellent UV resistance performance, no extra maintenance needed.
  • ISO&CE authorized– Reliable quality, keep your project safe and sound

How to store it?

  • Store rolls on horizontal position to prevent damage.

  • Avoid sun-baked and rain

  • Store rolls in a clean dry location.

  • Add cover as necessary to protect rolls from environmental damage, heat, cold or moisture etc.

Trading Info

  • Payment: T/T, L/C, Western Union

  • MOQ: For standard type-800 ㎡

  • Delivery time: Normally 7-14 workdays

  • Packing: Plastic bags& pallet(optional)

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