PENNPLAN™ sheet is an eco-friendly, smooth geo-membrane made of premium high density polyethylene (HDPE), and provide an impermeable barrier against a wide range of solids and liquids. With exhibit excellent chemical & UV resistance, impermeability, and high yield and welded seam strengths, the geo-membrane is widely used as the pond liner .

The HDPE geo-membrane is made from high-grade polyethylene resin produced by foreign and domestic large petrochemical enterprises by three-layer pressing and plastic formation technology and double layer pressing and rolling technology

Type ThicknessWidth/rollLength/roll
PENNPLAN™ HP5000.5mm5m/6m50m
PENNPLAN™ HP7500.75mm5m/6m50m
PENNPLAN™ HP10001.0mm5m/6m50m
PENNPLAN™ HP15001.5mm5m/6m50m
PENNPLAN™ HP20002.0mm5m/6m50m

Where to apply?

PENNPLAN™ HDPE geo-membrane could be widely used as liner or underlay for variety of projects:

E. g. Environmental protection and environmental sanitation;

Water conservancy;

Municipal projects;

Landscape garden;

Petrochemical industry;

Mine industry;

Traffic facilities; Agriculture;

Aquiculture industry;

Salt industry;

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Why it is so superior?

  • High tearing resistance-unable to damage, widely fits all kinds of project.

  • Puncture resisting– No additional protection procedure during installation, perfect adaptation to all kinds of surface.

  • Anti-aging formula– Excellent UV/ radiation/ oil/ salt/ alkali/ corrosion resistance, no extra maintenance needed.

  • Strong deformation adaptability– best choice for complex structure.

  • ISO&CE authorized– Reliable quality, keep your project safe and sound
  • Thorough customize system– there is always a solution for you.

How to store it?

  • Store rolls on horizontal position to prevent damage.

  • Avoid sun-baked and rain

  • Store rolls in a clean dry location.

  • Add cover as necessary to protect rolls from environmental damage, heat, cold or moisture etc.

Trading Info

  • Payment: T/T, L/C, Western Union

  • MOQ: For standard type-800 ㎡

  • Delivery time: Normally 7-14 workdays

  • Packing: Plastic bags& pallet(optional)

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