PENNACCS™ sealing system is a crucial part in all PENNINT designs, it helps prevent joint leakage- which is often seen. The quality matters the performance of your project. We have carefully chosen the butyl tape and silicone sealant for all PENNINT systems. Pls ASK OUR SALES REPRESENTATIVE to know more.

PENNACCS™ Butyl Tape gives best performance on weather resistance, UV resistance, Oxides resistance, and Non-solidified in its lifetime.

Where to apply?

PENNACCS™ sealing system is part of PENNINT waterproofing systems, it could be widely applied in roofing systems, underground projects, tunnels etc.

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Why it is so superior?

  • Rich of product types– From Butyl tapes to silicone sealant, we offer dozens of types to meet with your needs

  • Anti-aging formula– Excellent ageing resistance performance, leakage risk free.

  • ISO&CE authorized– Reliable quality, keep your project safe and sound

How to store it?

  • Store on horizontal position to prevent damage.

  • Avoid sun-baked and rain

  • Store in a clean dry location.

  • Add cover as necessary to protect material from environmental damage, heat, cold or moisture etc.

Trading Info

  • Payment: T/T, L/C, Western Union

  • MOQ: According to the main material and design

  • Delivery time: Normally 7-14 workdays

  • Packing: Plastic bags/Cartons & pallet(optional)

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