PENNACCS™ Fastening System is a supporting system for mechanical fastened roofing projects. Including sleeves, washer, clips, screws, battens and installation equipment. The fastening system is your best choice for one stop roofing solutions.

PENNACCS™ Non-punched fastening system is the supporting system for non-punched mechanical fastened PVC/TPO roofing system.

PENNACCS™ Punched Fastening System is the supporting system for traditional mechanical fastened PVC/TPO roofing system.

Punched Fastenning System

PENNACCS™ Equipment System contains nearly all kinds of kits to install the perfect PVC/TPO roofing system or HDPE underground projects.


PENNACCS™ Supporting Fastener is the crucial supplement for the whole fastening system, please contact our sales representative to know more details.

Where to apply?

PENNACCS ™ Fastening System is mainly for mechanical fastened roofing projects.

We have already developed mature roofing systems and construction directions,  Ask Our Sales Representative to know more.

Get your own solution

Why it is so superior?

  • Developed System– We use 20 years to develop it, now it is ready.

  • Perfect Material– From a tiny screw to a welder, we choose only the best quality for you.

  • Customized Plan– We know waterproofing very well and there is no such solution could be fit for every project. We make solutions only for you.

  • ISO&CE authorized– Reliable quality, keep your project safe and sound.

How to store it?

  • Store on horizontal position to prevent damage.

  • Avoid sun-baked and rain

  • Store in a clean dry location.

  • Add cover as necessary to protect components from environmental damage, heat, cold or moisture etc.

Trading Info

  • Payment: T/T, L/C, Western Union

  • MOQ: According to the main material.

  • Delivery time: Normally 7-14 workdays

  • Packing: Carton/Wooden Box & pallet(optional)

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