PENNACCS™ Preformed system is specially design for PVC, TPO and HDPE self-adhesive waterproofing systems. Perfect customization service makes it super fit your project. Its easy installation design will help to save 2/3 of your time and money.


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PENNACCS™ Fastening System is a supporting system for mechanical fastened roofing projects. Including sleeves, washer, clips, screws, battens and installation equipment. The fastening system is your best choice for one stop roofing solutions.

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PENNACCS™ Sealing system is a crucial part in all PENNINT designs, it helps prevent joint leakage- which is often seen. The quality matters the performance of your project. We have carefully chosen the butyl tape and silicone sealant for all PENNINT systems. Pls ASK OUR SALES REPRESENTATIVE to know more.

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